The Book Lover’s Book

The Book Lover’s Book is my answer to keeping my passion for books organized. A book journal isn’t a new idea, but The Book Lover’s Book is the version I was always looking for but never found. Here are the reasons it may be perfect for you too!

  • It’s softcover, so nice and light in a purse or backpack. (Don’t you hate when you get to a book store and don’t have your “To Read” list with you!)
  • It has lots of room in each category:  75 entries for books you want to read, the book club section covers two years of monthly meetings, and there are 44 entries to keep track of books you’ve loaned or borrowed. (There is a special spot in hell for those who don’t return books).
  • You can record the special passages that  make you stop, reread, and shake your head in amazement. The Book Lover’s Book has 48 entries for beautiful words and awesome quotes.
  • Reflect on the books you read. There are 102 entries to note your opinions of what you read. Plus an additional 22 entries for information on your favourite authors, and 12 entries for those truly exceptional books you would read again and again.
  • Includes 10 pages for your general notes and bookish thoughts.

Most of all, I wanted a create a book journal that would make you happy every time you saw it, so the cover is bright and fresh and fun.

I hope you love this little book as much as I do. It’s available online at    Chapters/Indigo